Sunday, May 15, 2011

ANC Butt Kicker : Vote for your party so everyone knows who to vote for

Vote below and show South Africa and the rest of KZN who is going to win this election.

If you don't send this to everyone you are now guilty for not fixing our problem in KZN.
Click Here and make your vote show the rest of 
South Africa which side of the fence you on

Get your voting rights straight. Don't be mislead by multiple opposing candidates. There is only one true candidate that can fix KZN.


Voting is not about your own vote but about your position in society. There is only two dominating forces. We are not trying create confusion. We are trying to solve a problem. Get your voting rights straight.


If you stand on one side of the fence make sure it's the right one. ANC wins every year because they all vote for one candidate without a doubt. Other parties fail because of the confusion caused by new candidates.


We are all aware of who can do the best for our country. They have done best in the past. Get your voting rights straight.

 .. from around 3.30 Rand to the Dollar in 1994

  ... to breaking above 5.00 in 1996

   ... then on to 6.50 in 1998, and 7.20 in 2000

    ... then more rapidly from 8.00 in February 2001

     ... and finally into that heart-stopping blow-off to 13.85 just 9 months later!


Then CRASH!!

The market dropped sharply to 10.00 by May 2002... (“Ouch”)

 ...then to 8.50 by December 2002 (“OK, that’s enough”)

  ...and then further to 7.00 by April 2003 (“Whoa, too much!”)

...Investor interest and commitment dried up as quickly as it had appeared.

Vote DA. The only candidate that is the opposing party to ANC. If we get our voting rights straight we will win this election 18 May 2011. Vote DA because everyone else is going to. Send this to everyone you know or you are responsible for not fixing KZN as we know it. Get your voting rights straight and view the Voting POLLs to let everyone know you voting for DA.


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