Wednesday, June 29, 2011

CREATE. Work Hard, and be nice to people.

Blog Name*:CREATE. Work Hard, and be nice to people.
Paragraph*: I use my blog to share photos I've taken, as I am very into photography. Also, I use it to share some memories and places I've been over time, travelling is a passion of mine... I am currently re-vamping my blog to make it even better..
Name*:Kirsti Rivett
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Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Blog Name*:Military
Paragraph*: Evolving Beyon war
Name*:Udeni Samarakone
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Monday, June 20, 2011


Blog Name*:Fzmovies
Paragraph*:A blog providing you with direct movie downloads and latest releases 
Name*:zak khan
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Rambles While Rambling

Blog Name*:Rambles While Rambling
Paragraph*:Thoughts and experiences of an independent woman traveling the globe.
Name*:Laura Hamm
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Monday, June 13, 2011

iClickMate Chat

Create a Meebo Chat Room
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How to embed free chat room in blogger

Most people would want a chatroom on their blog for social interaction, others would want a chatroom for teen flirt. Most bloggers would want a chatroom for their readers to interact. In this tutorial we will discuss two types of chatrooms for blogger that will have a whole new feel to your blog and your readers. The first tutorial is showing you how to embed a chatroom or shout box to your blogger blog or any other webpage for free. This method is totally free and easy to use for everyone. Below is a step by step guide how to embed a free chat room in blogger sidebar gadgets or in a blogger post. Please click images if you need to enlarge and view what is needed to be done, every image is clickable.

Step 1: go to

Step 2: signup using facebook or your email.

Step 3: create a new live event. see image below

Step 4: Name your shout box, and click continue.

Step 5: Choose a platform to install on, in this case we choosing blogger. Please note that using the universal HTML code will also work.

Step 6: Chatroll will now show you how to embed the chat room in your blog, there is 2 ways to use this, either install chat room in your blogger post or install in side bar gadget. My recommendation is to use a side bar gadget where everyone can use it. If you plan using it in a blog post then please have reference to the chatroom using a hyperlinked button/picture saying "chat now on YOUR BLOG NAME"
click continue when you done.

Step 6: click continue and then click go to settings now.

Step 7: Now comes the fun part, you can customize your chatroll colours, admin, add your twitter account ect. Whats nice is that u can monetize your chatroll and earn money from chatting :) also add an image for your chatroll so people will want to chat, as this chatroll feature can either be private or public for people to see. Make it public to you gain traffic. save your settings and install .So play with the settings to best suit your needs. If you need any help let me know. 

Step 8: click install. You will be taken back to the page in step 5,choose blogger platform again.

Step 9: copy the code and add it as a gadget in blogger. use the HTML/Java gadget in blogger as this is a free blogger HTML embed able chat room.

Step 10: click save and view blog for results. PLEASE NOTE that in order to change the size of this chatroll blogger gadget you will need to chat the pixel in the HTML code. Below is my code i have created, the RED bit of the code is the pixels to change the size of the chatroll.

<iframe width="100%" height="350" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" allowtransparency="true" src="$0"></iframe><br/><div style="font-size:0.9em;text-align:center;"><a href="">Blogger Chat</a></div>

If you like this post please share with friends and join iClickMate for up and coming tutorials to make your blog a customizable blog. Join iClickMate facebook fanpage for news feed updates. Subscribe to our posts and get a free Blogger SEO fuel eBook for dummies.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

How to SEO your blogger title tag for google search engine ranking

So we all been working on SEO, the only way to get traffic. Ive been working on hacks for your blogger HTML to get your SEO right. A new way ive been playing with google crawler is to make sure your duplicate content is not duplicate. I've probably lost a few of you already let me elaborate. SEO is search engine optimization, google searches by authority, meaning if u search the word "iphone" for instance, then it will rank the most popular page number 1 in google. So what do you call PR "page rank."

Now for duplicate content. Lets say i have an iphone blog and post about iphone apps, but a blogger in opposition to me has a blog called iphone 5 reviews. Who will rank higher and why? well lets say this blogger doesnt know SEO that well, so his blog title in google will be "iphone 5 review: best free iphone apps" when you search in this might seem good to everyone, beware its one trick we all make a mistake in, even me. 

Blackhat seo artists will realize that duplicate content lies in your blog name as well. What do i mean by this? By default your blog is titled in google like this "blog name:post title name."
This means that for every post you publish it will be indexed with ur blog name first then the post title. Now you understand that the duplicate content lies in your blog name, so google will rank me higher for having  my post name title first before blog name. So lets synthesize this. 

Below is an example of how some blogs are indexed. These blogs are bad for SEO
iphone 5 review: top 10 apps for 2011
iphone 5 review : jenga iphone app
iphone 5 review: steve jobs kills microsoft again

Now blackhat SEO artists index would look like this

top 10 apps for 2011: iphone 5 review:
jenga iphone app: iphone 5 review:
steve jobs kills microsoft again: iphone 5 review:

So the blackhat SEO artist would know that he has to have his post title before the blog name to avoid the first few words being duplicate content in google. Google chucks out duplicate content at the bottom and ranks the blackhat seo artist higher than you for one simple reason, it only make sense that if a person is searching "jenga iphone app" that the index by the blackhat seo artist "jenga iphone app: iphone 5 review:" would rank higher than "iphone 5 review : jenga iphone app" because the post title is closer to the researches match rather than the Blog name of the blog first. Who cares about looking at iphone 5 review when they searching for iphone app jenga? i say its smart for robots to think like this, you say SHIT HOW DO I CHANGE THAT.

Step 1: login to blogger and click design

Step 2: click edit HTML

step 3: press ctrl+f to activate search and type/find


step 4: replace the above code with

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;index&quot;'><title><data:blog.pageTitle/></title> <b:else/><title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title></b:if>

click save and your done. You now have a SEO friendly blog for the next time google crawls your site. Please be aware that changes are not immediate, they will take about a day to 4 days to change. Google iclickmate posts to see how the change looks:) Let me know if this helps, remember this works wonders if your writing about things people search, if your page title is irrelevant to people then dont wonder why you not getting traffic, as ur post title is not search anyways.

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Sunday, June 5, 2011


Blog Name*:Metallica
Paragraph*:A cool website that shares pics videos and a few guitar riffs of metallica
Name*:Duncan Hill
Upload image*:Metallica-Show-Brasil.jpg

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Gym Teen

Blog Name*:Gym Teen
Paragraph*:Gymteen is all about health and fitness with of course weights and supplements involved.

Because its called gymteen doesn't mean we focus only on teenagers we just there to help them with exercise plans and diets

there will soon be a few new pages on inspiration and supplements...

Check it out guys
Name*:William Barnard
Upload image*:184334_10150195110884972_741784971_8967821_6027719_n.jpg

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New School Tech

Blog Name*:New School Tech
Paragraph*:<br /> Here to fill you in on the latest trends and must haves in the tech world
Name*:Heyden Honneysett
Upload image*:Mobo.jpg

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Blog Name*:ROFL
Paragraph*:Did you know that laughing is a form of exercise, so skip the gym sesh and just luagh you a*s off looking at my blog :)
Name*:Heyden Honneysett
Upload image*:funny-polar-bear-pic-img121.jpg

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All Jame

Blog Name*:All Jame
Paragraph*:This is where I will be delivering my creative ideas and share them with all you wonderful people.<br />
Name*:Jame Jansen
Upload image*:Jame Blog.JPG

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Palm Dune

Blog Name*:Palm Dune
Paragraph*:This Blog is all about Palm Dune Beach Lodge, situated in Blythedale Beach. This Site will keep you updated with all the latest pics of weddings and news at Palm Dune.
Name*:Jacqueline Rayson
Upload image*:palmdune.gif

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Blog Name*:7Goal
Paragraph*:My blog is a soccer blog with the latest soccer news,player profiles,coach profiles,and the transfer rumours....I will put up fiture lists for those crazy soccer fans who want to be up to date with their team games.
Name*:Sipho Mfingwana
Upload image*:Dip

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