Tuesday, May 31, 2011

all outrugby2011

Blog Name*:all outrugby2011
Paragraph*:my blog gives you all the latest news fixtures and results about rugby all over the world.
Name*:cameron bartholomew
Upload image*:Blue hills.jpg

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Gym Tunes

Blog Name*:Gym Tunes
Paragraph*:This is a blog for people who want music to gym to
Name*:Ethan Garland
Upload image*:gym tunes.bmp

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Dub Roots

Blog Name*:Dub Roots
Paragraph*:<br /> The best dubstep/electro beats out there
Name*:Nic` Vlavianos
Upload image*:skrillex_by_chollo-d378sfs.png

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Blog Name*:ilse-foodwonders
Paragraph*:Wonders of food and bikes, or should i say yikes.....how on earth does motocross and food go together? read my blog to find out more!!
Name*:ilse botha
Upload image*:KTM.jpg

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CNC Muisc

Blog Name*:CNC Muisc
Paragraph*:<br /> Just o blog offering you guys the latest and coolest tracks out there.
Name*:Justin Leahy
Upload image*:music lovers.jpg

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Blog Name*:VBA and EXCEL GURU
Paragraph*:For everything you ever needed to know about excel. How to save time and ensure all repititions are things of your past. How to progam Excel to maximise efficiency.
Name*:Pat Sullivan
Upload image*:Excel_VBA_Way_In.jpg

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Hub Dub n' Club

Blog Name*:Hub Dub n' Club
Paragraph*:<br /> josh
Name*:josh hillary
Upload image*:2011_Kawasaki_KX250F_07.jpg

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Gym Tunes

Blog Name*:Gym Tunes
Paragraph*: this is a blog made for people to get music to gym to
Name*:Ethan Garland
Upload image*:gym tunes.bmp

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plse help me authorize iclickmate facebook app:)

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

laugh out loud

Blog Name*:laugh out loud
Paragraph*:all the funniest pictures and stories on the web
Name*:Andre Labuschagne
Upload image*:funny.jpg

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Rugby Life

Blog Name*:www.mattscruse-rugbylife.blogspot.com
Paragraph*:This blog will keep you up to date with the latest rugby news :)
Name*:Matt Scruse
Upload image*:Crysis-2[1].jpg

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Creatine Facts

Blog Name*:Creatine Facts
Paragraph*:all about creatine. what it is, how to take it, when to take it, the risks and advantages, etc.
Name*:David Breetzke
Upload image*:untitled.bmp

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

At The Wall

Blog Name*:At The Wall
Paragraph*:This is a blog about all things squash. i also have some pretty sweet tunes for your work outs and squash sessions, or to generally to get pumped.
Name*:Ethan Garland
Upload image*:cutcaster-photo-800920495-Close-up-of-a-red-and-silver-squash-racket-and-ball-on-a-white-background-with-space-for-text.jpg

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Friday, May 27, 2011

Tutorial Scripts

Blog Name*:Tutorial Scripts
Paragraph*:HTML5 is a Hyper Text Markup Language version 5 . Which is using to structuring and presenting content for the internet or world wide web.Html and Xhtml both are use on the world wide web and html5 syntax is have in html and xhtml . HTML files are easy to stored at web server or any other place and file extension should be 'html' or 'htm.'.
Name*:myl swamy
Upload image*:ts_logo.jpg

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Mzansi Hip Hop Underground

Blog Name*:mzansihiphopunderground.blogspot.co.za
Paragraph*:Hip Hop underground latest tracks, dont miss out on a free source of music.
Name*:mpho Cheddar
Upload image*:I'm so up.jpg

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Food 4 Thought!

Blog Name*:Food 4 Thought!
Paragraph*:My blog is all about food. I post a new recipe a day and update my blog once a day. I started the blog in purpose of having adverts.
Name*:Gabriel Oleastro
Upload image*:brownie.jpg

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Baby Talk

Blog Name*:Baby Talk
Paragraph*:baby advice, news and product reviews
Name*:Vicky van der Made
Upload image*:baby talk.jpg

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Ballito Surf Report

Blog Name*:Ballito Surf Report
Paragraph*:Up to date daily surf report and local and international surfing news
Name*:Doc VDM
Upload image*:surfer 2.bmp

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Do You Become A Lawyer

Blog Name*:How Do You Become A Lawyer
Paragraph*:Great resource about the qualifications to become a lawyer, how to become a lawyer, which law school to choose and more. Superb content that covers all you need to know.
Name*:Greg Apple
Upload image*:law school.jpg

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New Music

Blog Name*:New Music
Paragraph*:This site give information on new music in the industry and it gives you interesting stuff thats happening in the music business.
Name*:Jason Kubheka
Upload image*:jimi_hendrix_stencil_by_underdogmkd-d34dodh.jpg

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Wobble HQ

Blog Name*:Wobble HQ
Paragraph*: A blog about the latest and greatest dubstep, fidget, electro tracks. />
Name*:Heyden Honneysett
Upload image*:HQ.jpg

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Friday, May 20, 2011

Music lovers

Blog Name*:Music lovers
Paragraph*:hye you all can find the music here....
Name*:Haroon Aziz
Upload image*:Lady-Gaga-Hair.jpg

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

life insurance

Blog Name*:life insurance
Paragraph*:Everything you need to know about life insurance
Upload image*:186313_100001974739103_3904398_q.jpg

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engineering fields

Blog Name*:engineering fields
Paragraph*:Everything you need to find about engineering is here
Upload image*:186313_100001974739103_3904398_q.jpg

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For Scholar

Blog Name*:For Scholar
Paragraph*:This site is useful for scholars.
Name*:Blue Person
Upload image*:file1527.jpg

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Body boarding daily

Blog Name*:Body boarding daily
Paragraph*:Get your latest body boarding news and trends.
Name*:Eva Col
Upload image*:garth_mcgregor04_big_wave.jpg

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ANC Butt Kicker : Vote for your party so everyone knows who to vote for

Vote below and show South Africa and the rest of KZN who is going to win this election.

If you don't send this to everyone you are now guilty for not fixing our problem in KZN.
Click Here and make your vote show the rest of 
South Africa which side of the fence you on

Get your voting rights straight. Don't be mislead by multiple opposing candidates. There is only one true candidate that can fix KZN.


Voting is not about your own vote but about your position in society. There is only two dominating forces. We are not trying create confusion. We are trying to solve a problem. Get your voting rights straight.


If you stand on one side of the fence make sure it's the right one. ANC wins every year because they all vote for one candidate without a doubt. Other parties fail because of the confusion caused by new candidates.


We are all aware of who can do the best for our country. They have done best in the past. Get your voting rights straight.

 .. from around 3.30 Rand to the Dollar in 1994

  ... to breaking above 5.00 in 1996

   ... then on to 6.50 in 1998, and 7.20 in 2000

    ... then more rapidly from 8.00 in February 2001

     ... and finally into that heart-stopping blow-off to 13.85 just 9 months later!


Then CRASH!!

The market dropped sharply to 10.00 by May 2002... (“Ouch”)

 ...then to 8.50 by December 2002 (“OK, that’s enough”)

  ...and then further to 7.00 by April 2003 (“Whoa, too much!”)

...Investor interest and commitment dried up as quickly as it had appeared.

Vote DA. The only candidate that is the opposing party to ANC. If we get our voting rights straight we will win this election 18 May 2011. Vote DA because everyone else is going to. Send this to everyone you know or you are responsible for not fixing KZN as we know it. Get your voting rights straight and view the Voting POLLs to let everyone know you voting for DA.

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Thursday, May 12, 2011


Blog Name*:isport
Paragraph*:The tips on a quick work out, the time you should spend on gym. This is a "quick time" sports spot just for you
Name*:Ashley Bennett
Upload image*:barclays-premier-league-image-1-381999138.jpg

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Blog Name*:MusicMate
Paragraph*:<br /> A world of music, rap,rnb,house etc...all the best Artest from the 80's and 90's.
Name*:Ashley Bennett
Upload image*:music.jpg

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to create a static home page for blogger

This is probably the most requested tutorial. How to make a static homepage for blogger. Blogger does not have this feature yet so we have a short work around that we find efficient enough to fill in for the missing feature homepage blogger. When starting your blog you would most likely find it effective to have your blog roll showing on the first page of your blog. I know we very proud and excited to show our latest writing and content to our readers. I'm here to say stop doing this. Most pro bloggers and webmasters use webpages rather than a blog as they serve a purpose rather than informative or latest news and stories. Blogs are for writers and homepages are for companies and any professional sector.

So when should I use a static homepage for blogger and when should I keep it a blog. I say if u promoting yourself or like writing or friends are following a photo blog ECt then keep a standard blog. But if you trying to direct your traffic then use a static homepage or readers won't know the purpose of your blog. For instance if u selling a product or offer a garden service from your blog then u would most definitely need a static home page.

So what would be on your static homepage. The most important service of your blog or the main concept of your blog should be on the homepage. If you trying to sell electronics then either have categories labeling brands like Sony, samsung and panasonic HDTV ECt or have categories labeling the type of electronic like cameras , mp3 players, DVD players ECt with pictures.Using pictures will need you to hyperlink to different labels in your blog. If u have labels named cameras. Make sure all the articles about cameras are in one label. Click blog label camera to check.

So How do we make our static homepage for blogger? Simple read below to learn how.....
Step 1: sign into blogger

Step 2: Create new post, in this post make your homepage, remember you need to drive and direct your traffic, make sure your homepage speaks loud and clear. Make it the best page you have created.

Step 3: Set the date of the post to be in the future, like 2050. see below for images how to. please click posting options to see the date (important)

Step 4: Go to blogger settings

Step 5: Click formatting, now choose to show 1 page on the main page of blogger. Automatically blogger sets the latest dated blog to the top. By you creating a blog with a date 2050, you know your blog will be on the top until the year 2050. watch the video below for more details on how to achieve this simple effective blogger trick for dummies

Below is the video on how to achieve this easily.

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Blog Name*:sa-bassfishing.blogspot.com
Paragraph*:If Bass fishing is your passion, then this blog is a must read, with all the latest techinques news and tips you need. Bass Fishing is an interactive munity for bass fishing enthusiasts locally and from abroad. The community is creating the ultimate local bass fishing information resource available. Become part of the "Sharing and Caring" community and improve your bassing knowledge and skills instantly.
Name*:wesley joynt
Upload image*:Bass Fishing.png

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My Baby Gadgets

Blog Name*:My Baby Gadgets
Paragraph*:This Blog is all about the latest in inventions for babies and the latest baby "must haves", as well as party ideas and games to keep your little bundle busy all day!!
Name*:Tatum Joynt
Upload image*:My Baby Gadgets.bmp

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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Blog Name*:berryhacker
Paragraph*:posting sites,info and downloads available for all blackberry phones and pcs, providing hacks and tips
Name*:berry hacker
Upload image*:BERRYBERRY.jpg

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