Wednesday, May 11, 2011

How to create a static home page for blogger

This is probably the most requested tutorial. How to make a static homepage for blogger. Blogger does not have this feature yet so we have a short work around that we find efficient enough to fill in for the missing feature homepage blogger. When starting your blog you would most likely find it effective to have your blog roll showing on the first page of your blog. I know we very proud and excited to show our latest writing and content to our readers. I'm here to say stop doing this. Most pro bloggers and webmasters use webpages rather than a blog as they serve a purpose rather than informative or latest news and stories. Blogs are for writers and homepages are for companies and any professional sector.

So when should I use a static homepage for blogger and when should I keep it a blog. I say if u promoting yourself or like writing or friends are following a photo blog ECt then keep a standard blog. But if you trying to direct your traffic then use a static homepage or readers won't know the purpose of your blog. For instance if u selling a product or offer a garden service from your blog then u would most definitely need a static home page.

So what would be on your static homepage. The most important service of your blog or the main concept of your blog should be on the homepage. If you trying to sell electronics then either have categories labeling brands like Sony, samsung and panasonic HDTV ECt or have categories labeling the type of electronic like cameras , mp3 players, DVD players ECt with pictures.Using pictures will need you to hyperlink to different labels in your blog. If u have labels named cameras. Make sure all the articles about cameras are in one label. Click blog label camera to check.

So How do we make our static homepage for blogger? Simple read below to learn how.....
Step 1: sign into blogger

Step 2: Create new post, in this post make your homepage, remember you need to drive and direct your traffic, make sure your homepage speaks loud and clear. Make it the best page you have created.

Step 3: Set the date of the post to be in the future, like 2050. see below for images how to. please click posting options to see the date (important)

Step 4: Go to blogger settings

Step 5: Click formatting, now choose to show 1 page on the main page of blogger. Automatically blogger sets the latest dated blog to the top. By you creating a blog with a date 2050, you know your blog will be on the top until the year 2050. watch the video below for more details on how to achieve this simple effective blogger trick for dummies

Below is the video on how to achieve this easily.

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