Tuesday, April 5, 2011

How to create DisQus comments feed for blogger

DisQus has just launched their platform for blogger,wordpress,Java HTML and another platforms webmasters use. This post will teach you how to install DisQus for bloggers blogspot users. What is DisQus and how do we use it? Recently i was looking for an alternative for comments on my blogspot. You will notice that Blogger has a very closed platform for comments, as it has options to comment only for google, LiveJournal, wordpress, AIM, Typepad and OPENid. The majority of your readers will be on facebook , yahoo, google ect. It only makes sense to provide a better way for guests to comment on your blogs. Comments are a greate way for google ranking your blog, as readers voice their opinions their comments are crawled by google making a better chance for hits in google search engine. DisQus blogger platform gives readers a way to quickly subscribe to your blog comments to stay in track with what was commented back to them. This is a rich way for readers to keep in touch over a discussion on a topic. I subscribe to every blog that i comment on other bloggers blogs, its a must do for anyone thats a reader, simply leaving a comment withouot following up would be pointless.

What i like about DisQus is the manageable interface it offers the admin of the blog to control comments. The following features are available for admin blogger:

  • Create an online DisQus account to view and manage comments
  • Allow readers from various social networks to comment on blogger
  • Admin your comments
  • Add admins to the account to manage comments
  • See who is following the comments
  • Install HTML/Java code into blogger
  • Disable standard blogger comments
  • Embeddable Comments
  • Connect DisQus to twittter for friends to comment via tweet on blogger
So how do we get DisQus for blogger free commenting platform that links to facebook and other social networks? Follow these simple steps for dummies:

Step 1: go to DisQus.com HERE and sign up for a new account.

Step 2: Create different Profiles as needed for different blogs or websites.

Step 3: Once u manage all the settings u need, there are to many to state in this blog, however its straight forward. Go click the install button to get code for blogger -> see image below

Step 4: Select blogger as the platform -> see image below

Step 5: Click "add site to blogger" -> see image below

Step 6: Add widget  this will lead you to page elements on blogger.

Step 7: Move the Gadget you just added to blogger directly under your Posts-> see image below

Step 8: Save and view blog.

Disqus for blogger is the best commenting plugin i ahve used for blogger. Let us know if you liked DisQus as much as us, if you did please join iClickMate fan page to view our feeds. Please feel free to test Disqus and comment on this post, Subscribe to iClickMate to get our free eBook with more tips& tricks and daily updates there after.

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