Friday, April 1, 2011

How to Create mobile blogger template

Many new bloggers will never know that google blogger has a mobile template. This is the best way to attract mobile readers, with technology going as fast as it is now, before you know it most of your readers will be needing a mobile template for your blog or webpage. By using blogger they make it easy, you click one button and your template is adapted for a mobile. While most bloggers over look this feature it is wanted and needed by mobile readers. Have you ever tried to read a normal blog without mobile template for blogger? Well its really hard, you ahve to zoom in and out the whole time to navigate your page. What mobile view feature for blogger does, it adapts your blog for a mobile screen making it alot more comfortable on the eyes. Mobile template for blogger makes browsing a breeze, the writing size increases, aswel as the content gets smaller, its WAY faster loading time make browsing on mobile blogger a joy. So how do enable mobile blogger?

Please not you need to be in blogger draft for this feature HERE is the link.
Step 1: go to blogger in draft  dashboard and click settings

step 2: click email&mobile.

step 3: click under "mobile template"-  

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