Friday, April 15, 2011

How to use addynamo and adsense text Ad codes in your blogger post

Addynamo and adsense best text ad placement is in your text. Many new bloggers and webmasters will crowd their page with huge skyscrapers and banners. Not that I disagree but over use is going to kill your blog appearance and lower your CTR. Using contextual ads text ads in your blog post will increase ad impressions and will have a higher CTR click through rate.

Using text ads in your blog post takes careful placement, you will find many bloggers place text ads right at the start of their blog whilst others place ad codes in their blogger post mid way through each post. I've seen over use of text ads in bloggers contextual blogs where ad codes are placed 4 times throughout each post. Then you will find a more elegant group of bloggers that place their ad codes within their text post toward the bottom of every post like I do. The above 4 types of placement will break or make your post. Use it wisely they all work great but need careful placement. You wouldnt want your readers feeling like your post Is spam related.

So how do we add contextual HTML text codes to blogger post. Its really simple.

Step 1: Create new post in blogger.

Step 2: I have created two images below to show you how i added my text ad code to this blog post. click "edit HTML" at the top of thos content bar next to compose. then copy your addynamo or adsense ad code and paste it where needed in your post. Please note in order for this to work you need to have an addynamo or adsense ad thats set to "text only"

Step 3: Publish post and view blog. You now have four tiomes as much ad impressions. helping your CTR. You will also have a better cost per click earning using this method.

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