Thursday, March 24, 2011

Why addynamo is better than google adsense

Addynamo is the one affiliate network that i take my hat off to, since their launch in 2009 they have made huge strides in bringing webmasters and bloggers the best revenue for their efforts. Recently i joined them to see why everyone rates them over google adsense, my first thought were how can a newly developed affiliate network be better than google adsense, well my earnings showed me why, what i realized was that addynamo affiliate network pays publishers 50% of the earnings per click. This is higher than what google adsense pays per click. Being the best paying PPC affiliate network addynamo has showed that giving more to the community gains more loyal clients. Whilst the highest paying adsense click was $20 addynamo highest paying click was $50. Clearly a multi million $ company like google is not willing to share more, addynamo took that advantage and uses it to market themselfs as the highest paying affiliate network.

Another reason i find addynamo the winner in affiliates networks is that they offer the best possible way to get paid /revenue for publishers, not only have they thought about publishers, but they think about teens that are publishers. Addynamo offers payment via a cheque ,savings or debit card transaction, along with paypal of coarse for international publishers. The minimum payout for addynamo is $20 whilst adsense is $100.  Why i dont like paypal for affiliate payments is that i get deductions for using paypal(tax) every month, however using a debit or savings account i dont get any deductions from paypal. Accepting savings and debit cards with addynamo will empower many teens to start at a young age learning the blogsphere, hey im all for it, teens can bring on huge publicity. Addynamo has a very good pay out rate for new bloggers and webmasters, you dont need alot of traffic to make a generous living from blogging. Say you were getting 100 unique visitors a day and you had about 10 clicks you could make about $20 depending on what niche you choose. The network is fairly new so they still building their advertiser client base up, providing publishers with new ads almost daily, eventually when theres more of a demand the cost per click will increase.

Recently addynamo attacking google adsense with new and fresh ideas, some interesting news from addynamo is that they have launched an addynamo debit card. Addynamo has taken the extra step in manipulating what i call a win win situation. 

The addynamo debit acrd features are:
  • No matter what country you're based in, Ad Dynamo can pay you instantly.
  • Because it's a Visa card, use it at most ATM's & stores worldwide
  • Access our secure online banking to monitor the card & keep tabs on activity
What i see is a capitalistic mind frame pulling in many niches to a network of publishers providing lucrative flow within addynamo. Meaning its an empire to be, so watch this space. If you have any experiences with addynamo please leave a comment to better benefit other readers. For more interesting articles on monetizing your blog click HERE. Please join our fanpage on facebook if you like this post.

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