Friday, March 4, 2011

South African online death to shops: Capitalistic minds rebound

Blogging and the rest of South Africa 
So we have all setup our blogs and running smoothly, well at least I hope so.....if you need help please contact me.....or leave a comment.So what’s the next step? A lot of us are stuck at 100 page views a day and 800 page views a day, most of us want more page views, why do you want that? Well most of u know it brings in cash for affiliate marketing, hopefully someone clicks your adverts. Well I’m here to say, stop thinking like that, I promised you that I was going to teach you how to sell your own products on your blog or website making huge revenue. Most people think that the whole point of blogging is to get cash from the adverts, in fact the adverts are just a small bonus and what really pays will be the products you sell on your website. Now we thinking like a blogger pro, earning money online is very easy cash, you just need to setup a few buttons and people will click them leading you to an online marketplace in your own house. The truth is that most of America and most of Europe all shop online, there are many reasons why but I will point out the most important.

1: online shopping is cheaper due to the seller not having to mark-up the product as they don’t need to pay for rent. Most online shoppers know that goods online are 50% cheaper.
2: online shopping is more widely targeted and has more variety than any shopping mall you have been to.
3: online shopping has just turned your post box into a shopping cart:
4: online shopping has become faster on demand delivery.
5: online shopping has brought the world together to earn revenue instead of paying capitalistic minds.
6: the internet is the biggest audience or mall you could sell on.
7: how do you think shops get their product you buy? You guessed it “online”

Business Minded South African's
Now that we understand the model we should start using this in a new sense, take what you know and turn it into something bigger. If everyone is shopping online why is South Africa so behind? Well South Africa has just hit the ecommerce marketplace. Ecommerce means, a type of business model, or segment of a larger business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet. In English this means u can take very popular products and sell it online, like the shops we buy from, they sell products that are why can’t we?
Until last year the opening of the world cup FNB announced that South Africa will enter the online marketplace and we have adopted PAYPAL the world leading online banking system, PayPal is recognized by everyone in the ecommerce marketplace. PayPal accepts payments from all major banks or other PayPal users making a secure transaction. This was a huge step for South African entrepreneurs of online marketing, as now we can accept revenue from around the world over the internet safely. This has lead me to my blog today. How to make Money online free.

Everyone Can do it
So what do we do with this knowledge? Simple, find a product that will sell, for example iphone covers ect. Then make a blog about it and sell it on your blog to the rest of the world, there you have it, a shop built in 15minutes. What’s more important that selling online or importing is that we think of ideas to outsource as I believe South Africa has a lot of potential to outsource products we cannot get overseas, I won’t mention a few just yet. By outsourcing you will be able to Brand your own product, and form a target market. This is the way to go, although selling other established product work very well as well, I believe developing your own brand will go the extra mile, but it will be a lot harder to develop an audience around. So your blog could be selling iphones and blackberry covers to your maid’s wooden sticks. Anything can sell online and anything will sell online, however nothing will sell online without traffic to your site, as the traffic is the most important. Read HERE for more Tutorials how to get traffic.
In my next few blogs I will be helping you setup your online shop, and helping you make a living from this shop. We will be learning how to buy products for REALLY cheap online then resell them, we will be learning how to sell someone else’s products online, we will be learning how to promote your own products online, we will also learn how to market them and how to add a “buy now” button so people can buy from your webpage or blog and get revenue directly to your bank account.
I know you all probably thinking, darn I just opened a blog and now I can’t sell goods online, because your blog is about MP3s or something similar. Well you can sell MP3s online, just not a good niche to be in. Basically I wanted you all to open a blog so you could understand how it works, it’s what I call a test blog, and I have a few of those. Experiment with your blog, because now it the time you will start your real blog, as now you have a concept of what you wanting to target, it’s not about adverts, adverts is the sideline money. I would like to leave you thinking about every product possible, how it will sell and who will buy it, do research if you don’t know. “Google trends” will assist you in your research.

Things to think about when choosing a product:
-weight of the product
-size of the product
-sale price and resale price
-profit margin
-organic or non organics
-you cannot export raw materials like animal skin ECT (it’s against the law)
-the niche you choose should be on par with iphone when searched in Google trends
- The most important thing to consider who will buy your product.
-how much competition do you have
- will this product have a ripple effect on the buyer’s friends.
-where else is the product available
-who sells the product already in the market place
-last but not least this is the most important “will you buy the product you selling”

If you have answered all the above questions then its time you start your online your blog and start earning cash in a big way....there will be many questions unanswered, please leave a comment as many others will gain from your questions, it will save me repeating the same answers. This is an introduction brought you by iclickmate, more blogs coming soon to empower and grow young minds.



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