Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to change feedburner subscribe box colour and size

i have had many of my readers ask me via email how did i change my feedburner subscribe box color to suit your blog/website theme, if you dont have feedburner and would like feedburner please follow this blog HERE, feedburner allows you to have an instant RSS feed on your website/blog, google offers this feature along with a subscription box for your blog, that readers can input their email and get instant emails every time you post a blog . If you have feedburner and would like to modify the JAVA/HTML code, don't be confused this is very easy. follow the steps below and have fun.....leave comments if you need help or leave comments for other usrs to see that this method works.

Step 1: open your blog dashboard and click on "design"

Step 2: you will now be on page elements.....click on feedburner HTML box, this is where mine is, so i clicked on edit.

Step 3: you will see a code similar to my code below, i have highlighted the important part for this exercise, the "3px" is the thickness of your line, its also saying that its a solid line, your code will say that your line is 1px thin......change this as needed, look at my subscribe bar at the top of my page and judge what you would like, if my line is 3px then pick a line thicker or thinner. ok the second part is very easy, just choose the color, however if you don't know your color charts then you can search one online or follow the step below.

Step 4:  so you don't know your colour charts and need this step, click on template designer like in the pick below.

 Step 5: click on advanced like i have shown you below, that will put you on the page you see im on, the highlighted number is my color chart, just choose a color and that value will change, this value is the number you want to put in the feedburner code, so copy this code and head back to step 3, adjust the line pixel "example 3px".... now adjust the color and replace the color chart code with your code you copied from the color chart. now click save and close. view your blog....if you like it please share this with friends and comment thanx......FREE the knowledge


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