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How to get advertisers adverts on your webpage

By now you have read tutorial one HERE and are ready to start earning the cash we keep talking about, let’s cut the talk and get down to it then.

Step 1: What type of advertising would you like?
 There are three types of methods using advertising on your webpage CPC(cost per click),CPM(cost per thousand page views/impressions)  and CPA(cost per action), I will explain further, the best is basically CPC for now, when you start off like me I use cost per click, it pays if you not getting over 3000 page views a day, don’t be fooled it’s a very powerful way of generating income, you could earn anywhere from R4000,00 to R56 000 a month if you use some tricks I will teach you. This method pays for all the free things I hand out on other websites. This helps generate even more traffic to your site. If you have a huge trafficking website then I would suggest you pick the CPM method making an agreement with an advertiser based on a highest bid for your advert space on your website, you could bargain with an advertiser to pay you R1000,00 a day for advertising, that’s only for one advert space, let’s say you have 6 advert spaces on your blog then you can do the math for income in a month. The other method being CPA this is a cost per action for instance you could sell other peoples products on Amazon and for every product you sell (not click on) but actually sell, then you get a nice percentage of that products price, so the higher value of the product the better cash you can generate, so if you chasing money then maybe your blog should be promote this product and this will generate an nice traffic and income, as percentages in this method average at 16% to 24% so the math is your choice here. However I use CPC and I think you should as well if you just starting out, you can always adjust your advert space at a later stage to what’s best for your webpage.

Step 2: Use PayPal as a universal account for revenue!!

NOTE: update this has changed, you dont need paypal anymore, you can use a savings account or debit account, skip this and proceed to step 3.
You need to get paid by the advertisers in a secure way. With lots of proof and backup, using PayPal as your account to receive revenue is a bonus, you can use this account for importing and exporting at a later stage, so get used to it and love it, it’s used everywhere on the internet, there’s even mobile iphone and blackberry apps for this. So go to PayPal and signup for an account its FREE, make sure you have a visa or MasterCard ECT some sort of current account card that’s capable of internet transactions. If you don’t have a bank card that’s capable of this please stop here in this tutorial and apply for one, as you cannot grow without this in your life. I’m assuming most of you have a bank card like this already.

Get PayPal HERE

Step 3: Which affiliate market place should I join?
So which affiliate market place should I join to get adverts? Well if you live in South Africa like I do, then you would want to use AD DYNAMO(so sign up )---->HERE
If you have any troubles signing up please leave a comment or email me so i can help you further. its really simple so i did'nt bother to show you how to fill in straight forward forms.

Why do I want to use this affiliate market place, well let me break it down. If you’re and advertiser would you like to have your advert clicked by locals or by people that are far across the sea that your products wouldn’t be relevant to? Or would you like to pay locals more for more clicks based on the more relevant due to location? Well as you guess you would like to get your ad more localized.
So as a publisher we will pick an advert affiliate market that’s local based, ad dynamo pays very well for south African traffic, however if you have lots of international traffic like from Europe or American then I suggest you use ADBRITE like I do for my other sites. Clicksor is another great affiliate market, I use then as well for sites that generate American traffic, however this blog is about ad dynamo because my friends are from South Africa and this blog is for them. Ad dynamo pays minimum of R3,65 per click on and advert, not per sale. Now you do the math of how much you could make in a day then a month. Then times that by 10 websites or so in the future. Understand why you need timeless content? Eventually ad dynamo will pay even more per click, like R20,00 a click when you have lots of traffic like I have, but even R6,80 is a nice price to site on. Ad dynamo will advertise their adverts on your webpage based on what you blogging about, so your adverts will change automatically, which is nice. So how does ad dynamo place ads on your webpage? They have a auction online with advertisers your webpage gets the highest bid then they pay you for that advert displayed and clicked, meaning they will always put the highest paying adverts on you website making you the most cash possible, so organizing your adverts is all automatic for now and easy to install, everything is free so exploit that. Your ads will change all the time leaving a professional look on your site. Please sign up for ad dynamo and use it to pay your PayPal account you just created.

Step 4: How to place ad dynamo ad code into blogger webpage?
Sign in to your blogger account webpage and then in a new window/tab open ad dynamo webpage, click on channels then click on manage sites then click add site.

Click on your website blog URL and copy, now paste it on the ad dynamo add site, stay in channels, then click on web then click create new channel.

Pick a name for your channel, then pick advert type, you can choose text or images or both, i like images, although text works well in certain spaces, i will elaborate in a later post. Pick the size of your channel (advert) you get all different types to suit your needs, there are square 250x250pixel and 240x600pixel skyscrapers. There’s a preview in pink, it’s on the right hand side, and it shows you the size. Pick one that suits your blog webpage.

 Now you will see the get code symbol on the right, click on this, it will generate a JAVA script/HTML code, highlight it and copy this code. don't be scared if this code is not legible to you, its computer lingo.

now go to blogger on your dashboard/home and click on design

 now click on page elements, click on “add gadget”

scroll down till you see JAVA/HTML. Now paste the ad dynamo code you generated prior to this in content. Click done.

Then click preview/view blog. That’s it, you now have a blog with adverts on it and when they clicked you get your ad dynamo account payout on a minimum of R100,00 to your PayPal account which is directly linked to your bank account which automatically pays you. You can now generate new adverts in ad dynamo to place all over your pace, image, text adverts are all an option so pick wisely. To test this you may click your own advert once to see the revenue change in ad dynamo. However please don’t do this every day or do you will be banned from ad dynamo. These clicks are fraudulent and known as illegal as you are clicking without intention to buy the product. Getting friends to click fine if they are interested in the service or product and would like to inquire.

Step 5: Now that I have adverts on my webpage what should I do?
Well this is the fun part, getting traffic to your site, I will explain many methods that I have used and succeeded with. Getting your webpage optimized is priority before you want to drive traffic, first because your first impression is the most important one. Another factor the next blog will teach you is how to get ranked in Google search engine so people can find you blog easily but searching any word in any of your posts leading them to your website, this shouts out that you need to start preparing rich content, original content, as cut copy and paste won’t work from other sites, it will cause you to have less chance of getting ranked because the stuff you coping is already ranked by Google and is most definitely at the top of Google pages, so prepare your own stuff, this leads me back to my point that you need to know what you blogging about so you always have original content. So flip to the next tutorial for learning tips and tricks to get your website at the top of Google search engine


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