Thursday, February 17, 2011

How to get Free Traffic to your blog daily

I have been asked daily on how to get traffic to your website/blog for free, there is no true answer to this, and nothing will work unless you have lots of content to post, but once you have posted enough content then you should start developing a form of traffic to your site, currently i am only using 3 ways, and there is more than 100 000 000 ways to get free traffic, however i would like to share with you the best ways i have achieved traffic with very little work. Before i explain my 3 ways of free traffic i would like to point out more about generating free traffic to your blog.

Designing your blog does'nt go as far as making it pretty, it goes beyond looks, you need to hyperlink words in your blog that lead to other blog in your webpage, by doing this you will get users lost within your own blog, researching things through your hyperlinks. not only should you design for traffic but also clicks, so create a 250px by 250px advert in ad dynamo, make it text only, then incorporate this into your blog,if you need to know how follow this blog HERE halfway through "every" post or at the end of every post like i have, this way people will click on those ads thinking they part of your blog, please leave a comment if you would like me to post a blog on how to do this. Another good way to generate traffic is to research for similar topics on google, and then open the top 2 pages on google, open every website on the first two pages in google that relate to your blog in a similar way, now in their blogs you will find that they have a comments option, comment on his blog and incorporate your own blog web address in your comment, doing this is called a backlink, google loves this, it helps you get indexed by google way faster, also this will get you alot of traffic redirected from this page, all this is free why not do it? while you do that you need to be active on my blog and other blogs to get traffic from us, share our pages after you comment, then it helps you and it helps the blogger. Ask a blogger that has a similar webpage as you if he would like to exchange links, do this over email. You can hyperlink a word in your post to his webpage and he will do the favour in return, or he will ask you to mention his blog in a section called "related posts"
All these methods is a standard for getting traffic to your site, follow the below to get 6000 pageviews a day Free

Step 1: join and signup for facebook HERE. this is the leading social network in the world, there is many readers there that will read your blog.

Step 2: join stumbleupon HERE this is the best way to get traffic free.stumbleupon has silently taken a lead being 50% bigger than twitter this year. This is a social networking book marking site that you should use to post your blogs on.

step 3: join Digg HERE, this is a social network site for book marking interesting webpages you like, simply digg them to share them.

NOTE: For an easy way to add facebook,twitter,stumbleupon share buttons follow this blog HERE, it shows you how to add the floating buttons I have on the left hand side of my page you looking at now


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