Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to setup your website for SEO:

What is SEO?
SEO is search engine optimization, but why is this important most of you many ask, well getting huge traffic to your site will require you to have some kind of SEO structured so you get traffic, firstly is to understand how google robots search your blog. Google robots are like little girls in your town that talk and gossip about everything, and within a few hours or days the story gets spread around the town. Well if you can conceptualize that then you know how google robots work. So lets start optimizing your webpage.

How do we get traffic to our website by using SEO tricks?

1-incorporate social networking
You have proberly been watching your website traffic on google analytics or on your blogspot dashboard, now you have searched for ways to increase traffic, leading you to my blog. First and most important is to use social networking sites for instance facebook, twitter,dig,buzz ect are all great ways of getting traffic to your sites, ask friends to bookmark and share your website, as this will spread around the internet like girls gossip. Doing this will get google robots to “know” aslso known as crawl your site better and faster due to links to your site incoming from social networking sites. Why is this a good way, its because google crawls social networking sites very often due to their frequent use.

2-Keyword use 
To get SEO right you need to blog the right words that are related to your blogs, why? Well if you want people to search your website then you going to have to know how to write for their searches. For instance like my iphone site HERE. Ive mentioned the word iphone app many times, aswel as the app i am writing about, this will bring people to search my blog more, as they are keywords people use to find that category on the internet. By using gooogle trends you are able to find these keywords that your site needs, just pick about 4 keywords for every post.

3-Monetize with Keywords
Your adverts display more or less adverts that relate to your post in your blog. So if you write about to many things and topics in one post then your adverts will be all mixed up and might not relate to your post due to way to much “different” information. So in every post try and keep to your topic to increase you adverts consistency, this will increase clicks to your site and increase revenue.

4-submit your website to other search engines
Ok most of use think there is only google in this world and forget that many people use other search engines. So by adding your website to many different search engines, you will get all the traffic possible.

5-Have Dynamic content on your site 
Message Board, Links Directory, Guest Book, Online Search, Picture Gallery, Quote of the day, News items, Site Search, Links Engine ... It all makes for a more enjoyable experience for your visitors ... and interested visitors come back.

6-Add a search box 
so people can search your blog for other posts. Most people forget this when starting out. 

7-Give away freebies to your followers
This will create a talk about your blog. like on freeiphonehub we give away free iphones every 3 months.

8-submit a sitemap to google webmasters
Last but not least making your website attractive and social is not enough, you need to submit a sitemap to google webmasters to allow people to find your website on google, try search for your website on google by searching site:”http://name of site.com”. If it does not come up then you need to submit a sitemap for google to find you.

Follow this blog HERE to learn how to submit a sitemap to google webmasters.


Bob Rock said...

nice stuff bro!! its really useful...keep it coming!!

Relationship Dynamo said...

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nick said...

Great stuff.....

I like it...

just one addition.... create blog and enter your blog to some directory like

http://digg.com or


if you have not already done that. many people will be able to find your blogs.

keep posting.....


Wayne Meyer said...

thanx for the tip nick.....whats you blog URL? we would like to follow :)

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