Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How to create a fan page to facebook for you blog/webpage.

I have often had questions about gaining traffic to my blogs, little to people know how easy this can be with a little help from friends. Most of your traffic will come from google whilst ALOT will come from social networking sites like facebook and twitter. So what do you need to do in order to get up to speed with all these social networking sites and ways of getting traffic? You Need a fan page for followers from facebook to easily find you everyday when browsing status updates and photos ect.

Most of you wont even be able to find the place on facebook that allows you to make a FREE fan page, so ive incorporated a free way to get your fan page and start getting traffic from facebook.

step 1-Signup with facebook or sign in to your facebook account.

step 2-  click HERE to start a new facebook fan page.

step 3- choose your category you fall into see below.

step 4- choose category with this category then name it and click get started.

step 5- you have now created your fan page, choose an image, most likely this would be your logo for you website.

step 6- click on edit page.

step 7- fill in the required information.

step 8- follow this blog HERE to get your social RSS on facebook fan page.


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