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TUTORIAL 1: how to find out what niche is right and what webpage to start.

Step 1-Signup for blogger
Ok by now you have been thinking way to make cash online, and you have come to the right place, I have learnt the hard way and I’m giving it to you the easy way. So how do we get started, go to HERE, here is blogger, this website hosts your websites on their server free, additionally if you really want you can build a test webpage and see if it works then purchase your own domain name once you have seen it’s a good niche, I however use the free version because it has the same features as paid version(domain name) I need. I don’t see why you would want your own domain name unless you want this blog for corporate reasons. So go ahead and signup for a free account.

Step 2-Think of what content to write about
Once you have your free account don’t start a new blog yet, think about what’s a good niche, this may take a week or a day, but whatever you do don’t just start a blog because it’s what you like, unless what you like is a high searched keyword on Google. Like iphone!! So how do we know what’s the best niche to choose. This is the important part, I suggest you write what we call “timeless” content, this is content that doesn’t get old, why would you write about timeless content? Well if you plan to write news then it’s not going to be researched as much as something like recipes, holidays by timeless content   you should pick something that you VERY familiar with as this website will be needing new updates and articles often and I will tell you why in a later tutorial. If you know what you writing about it makes life a lot easier as a blogger, imagine writing about something you don’t know, you would waste too much time!! Also pick a media type that is rife at the moment and something that people take time to think about it!!!

Step 3-Research google trends for an idea
This is part of step two!! Go to ,this is your tool to now test your media type, say for soccer or iphone, you would search “iphone,soccer” this would produce a graph of how often these words are searched, meaning that the more searched the word is the better media you have chosen. These are called keywords, they will help your SEO “search engine optimization” this will help you get more traffic( people) to your blog, making you more cash as there’s more chances your adverts( ads) get clicked. So spend time on Google trends and pick what’s best that you know and has the highest search rate.
Step 4-go to blogger and chose a name, choose a smart name that’s easy to pickup and learn from viewing it once, a catchy name works great like ZOOT or whatever you like.....try pick a name that’s similar to something that’s already popular, like LEVIstresses or parisHEELSTON, or simply CMYK. These types of names work well, but try relating it to what you working with.....if you need help just comment and we can discuss this.

Step 4-WRITE LOTS of content(timeless and original)
Write your header name and start writing timeless content, this will come in handy very soon, start writing now!!! There’s no time to waste, you need many articles so that when you need content to submit you have it at hand, you can start submitting Google has time to find (crawl) your webpage and find keywords that let users find your webpage based on what your articles are about, see what I mean you choose who you attract?
For now I would like to leave you there for a day and give you time to ponder about your name and content CAREFULLY, this step will help you leaps and bounds if chosen wisely, sorry to stress this point so much but you need to know your content as people will be asking questions ect and need input.

NOTES: this is not a lot of work, if you enjoy it then you should like writing about it. Please note this not only applies to writing articles, you are welcome to blog about jokes, pictures, just videos, anything that interests you that has a great niche. We will include everything in your webpage regarding that topic....if you are a fast thinker I urge you on to think about another 3 names that you would like to open a webpage about and write the mean time I will write out your next tutorial, setting up your webpage to get cash and helping you get recognised by Google faster than ever.....and why it’s important....we will also learn how to sell your own products through your website due to high traffic, making you an exporter, importing will also be included in future blogs.


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