Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to add feedburner to your blogspot or webpage

Many of my friends wonder why their blogs dont take off as fast as others, well SEO search engine optimization is why! How can you improve your SEO? Setting up your website or blog entails having a way for your readers to receive a news letter with your latest posts every time you send a new post to your blog, how does one setup this feature may sound like hard work but its very simple and will have a huge kick back to your site traffic. If your website has a way to subscribe to your blog via RSS or email subscription then every person that likes your website and wants to follow it will get their email daily if you post that frequent making your webpage accessible without having to remember your site name or looking for a book mark. emails leave a long lasting impression if they received daily and will give you huge daily visits due to emails being open..Ok all this sounds great but hard to setup right? NO wrong!!! follow these steps below to get your blog running email subscriptions via feedburner. Feedburner is a google based feature and FREE so make use of it and publicize your blog NOW!!

step 1- go to feedburner and signup HERE 

step 2- go to your webpage, copy the URL and paste it in the feedburner site like i have below.

step 3- pick if you have atom or RSS like i have below.

step 4- Here feedburner will let you choose a name for your feed title that everyone will see, this should have your webpage name, if you want you can change it but i dont advise this. below the title feedburner is actually giving you your feed address that can be used in many ways, however this post i will not show you whats the address for. CLICK NEXT!!!

step 5- click next again!!!

step 6- click next and choose to see "Clickthroughs — How often people click items back to your site"

step 7- you will now see a help page will all types of platforms, assuming you are on BLOGGER. below will teach you how to setup each type of feed.....but im here to help, so skip that and lets get down to setting up this feed.

step 8- click publicize then click email subscription, see below for images!!

step 9- click on activate

step 10- this is the most important part, two ways to install this on your website, you can either copy and paste the JAVAscript/HTML and paste in your website gadgets. or simply you could just "use widget in blogger" see below image for help. Then click GO!!!!

step 11- select your website in the drop down bar see below!! then click add widget!!

step 12- you will be taken to your blogs "page elements" there will be a gadget that says "subscribe via email" that is you new feedburner.....move that page element anywhere you would like on your page then click save and view blog!!!

step 13- your done!! if you need more TIPS on SEO please view this webpage HERE


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